AC Installation

Air-condition machine controls room temperature but it should be of appropriate size and it should be well maintained. Most users are unaware of the fact that an AC that is over 12 years old should be replaced with a new machine.


Take expert advice before buying a machine to make sure that you buy right product. If you have an AC and it isn’t working properly, you should get it checked. It might need new parts or you might need replacing the machine. Call us for free advice and save your time and money.

We provide NYC air conditioning installation service and we are leader in this service. We serve residences, shops and offices. We have experience in installing and servicing machines. In our opinion, one can save 50% electricity by replacing his aging machine with a new one.

AC installation

We know how to install ACs. We go equipped with all the necessary tools and accessories needed for fitting ACs. We give advice and also suggest cooling systems. Success of a machine depends upon its capacity and size of the room where it is installed. Service and maintenance also play a crucial role in running a machine.


Cost of an AC is determined on its power but we can make it cost effective. We would suggest the machine that would work at its optimum level and provide ultimate cooling. It would save electricity and maintenance cost. In the long run, it would give maximum return on your investment.

Price shouldn’t be a constraint in buying an AC as it is a necessity. It brings comfort and prevents the user from extreme temperatures. There are ways to save money while using an AC. We can help you save money and make your AC your saving account.

Why us?

We are leader in AC installation, repair and maintenance. We are working since long time and we have served homeowners, shopkeepers, corporate offices and large edifices. Our objective is to help users save money while taking advantage of AC technology.

We are well aware of the latest technology and we know how to determine needs and match machines with needs. Our job is to understand needs and suggest maintenance, repair and replacement according to needs. Whether you are buying a new machine or want to maintain your existing machine, you can take advantage of our service.

NYC air conditioning installation is our specialty. We are experienced in this service and we provide satisfactory service at affordable price. Cost cutting isn’t our way of serving clients as we want to you to save money while using a top-of-the-line AC.

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